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Our exquisitely handcrafted soaps are made with some of the most luxurious oils and butters. Our premium loose leaf gourmet tea will undoubtedly make your palate happy. Try Benicia Luxury Soap and Benicia Gourmet Tea.
The Guardian Angels Collection were captued at cemeteries in the New Orleans area. Oscar Galan is a photographer who gets inspiration from landscape and nature . The ability to capture life at a given moment is truly special.
The Gladiolus Light Study celebrates the beauty, shape and form of a flower that often goes unoticed. Sometimes beauty reveals itself in the details, upclose and personal.
Fast Dots focus is on the dynamic use of space with an emphasis on contemporary and modern design.

Put a layer between your countertop and your curling iron. You may also use the heat board as a stability board for your container candle. If you use a heat gun or a glue gun, give the Board that Holds Heat a try.

We are delighted to offer the following products. We invite you to indulge your senses and enhance your visual enviroment.
It is our hope that the products we are offering will enhance your daily experience.